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 story : Covid impact on calendar manufacturing and retail sale #FinanceIndia #StockMarketNEWS Covid impact on calendar manufacturing and retail sale New Delhi, 3 Jan (KNN) It is afternoon on New Year’s

@stockMarketNEWS Tue 04 Jan, 2022

Posted in: #FinanceIndia #StockMarketNEWS

Covid impact on calendar manufacturing and retail sale #FinanceIndia #StockMarketNEWS
Covid impact on calendar manufacturing and retail sale New Delhi, 3 Jan (KNN) It is afternoon on New Year’s Day, and Babu Lal, a retailer of calendars in Delhi’s Nai Sarak, home to some of the country’s biggest calendar companies, is waiting for customers. Early January is peak business season, but he says there are few takers for his vast range of wall and desk calendars, a report by hindustan times explains how pandemic has impacted business of calendar manufacturers.

“The pandemic has killed calendar sales. Earlier I used to sell 500 calendars a day in December and January; now I am lucky if I sell 50 a day. Many of my old customers for whom buying a calendar was an annual ritual for decades have not shown up in the past two years,” says Lal.

He is not the only one—calendar manufacturers and dealers at Nai Sarak say sales of paper calendars, which survived the digital age, have suffered a massive drop in the past two years, what with the pandemic causing unprecedented disruptions in the social, personal and professional lives of people, rendering calendaring not- so- necessary.

“My orders are down by 60%, and it has to do with the fact that a lot of people have worked from home with few personal and professional engagements to keep in the past two years, ” says Gulshan Kumar, who runs Sunshine Enterprises, a manufacturer and wholesale dealers of calendars at Nai Sarak.

“Besides, businesses that bought calendars worth lakhs of rupees every year from us have suffered heavily and have not wanted to spend on calendars and planners in the past two years, ” adds Kumar, who, this year, has also produced a range of desk calendars with Covid-19 themes, with messages on the need for masking, taking vaccines and washing hands and others. “ These reflect the times we are living in and are selling slightly better than others. ”

In fact, over the past two decades, Delhi-NCR has emerged as a major hub of calendar manufacturers. Calendar companies, which have printing presses in areas such as Okhla, Naraina, Kundli and Sahibabad, start printing calendars in August for the sale season that starts during Diwali. “In 2020 and 2021, I had to trash thousands of unsold calendars, suffering a huge loss. Unsold calendars have no use and have to be trashed, ” says Prakash Chandra Gilotra, who runs Subhash Calendar Co, one of the biggest calendar manufacturers and dealers in Delhi. The walls of his first-floor shop at Nai Sarak are adorned with new 2022 calendars of various sizes, featuring gods and goddesses. “ Looks like Omicron, the new variant of the coronavirus, will kill the sales for the third year running,” says Gilotra.

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